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Dongguan Hongtaiji Flame Retardant Material Co.,Ltd
Dongguan Hongtaiji Flame Retardant Material Co.,Ltd(The former Shenzhen Hongtaiji Industrial Co., Ltd.) is a research and development, production and sales of flame retardants in one of the national high-tech enterprises. Founded in 2004, the plant covers an area of about 10,000 square meters, quiet and hygienic workshop environment, advanced equipment and complete, the company's existing R & D personnel 21 people, front-line workers sixty people.Cooperation over 4,000 enterprise...

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10 years experience in environmental protection research and development of flame retardants

The company was established in 2011, the plant covers an area of about 10,000 square meters, quiet and sanitary workshop environment, advanced equipment, the company's existing R & D personnel 12 people, front-line workers fifty or sixty people

Products continue to improve in practice, determined to make their products meet international environmental requirements: ① EU ROHS Directive ② REACH regulatory standards. Products have won the majority of customers unanimously approved

Quality · Expert

Focused on environmentally friendly flame retardant achievements

Fergus will adhere to conscientiously, forge ahead entrepreneurial spirit, steady development step by step

Our company has independent research and development of MPP, MCA, micro-encapsulated red phosphorus, polyolefin halogen-free flame retardant (FR211), halogen-free flame retardant (FR-301B) Class fire retardant coating (FR211), acrylic flame retardant (FR-102) and a number of environmentally friendly flame retardant

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Human services, and common progress with customers

Hongtai Ji will, as always, customer needs, product quality and passion for service first.

Professional 1 to 1 guidance, tracking service, quality problems in full protection, and always adhere to the sustainable development strategy and win-win business philosophy, common progress with customers, create brilliant.

High product content
High standards of quality
Wide range of applications
Non-toxic and tasteless
green materials


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