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Pros and cons of flame retardant industry development

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  • Release date:2018-10-12
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With the rapid development of flame retardants in recent years, a number of fire safety regulations have been promulgated, as well as very strict and detailed fire resistance testing standards for various materials, including furniture, mattresses, clothing, vehicle interiors, toys and building materials. With a wide coverage, flame retardants have gradually gained wide application.

Here are some advantages of flame retardant industry development. First, fire safety requirements are becoming stricter:In recent years, China has also intensively introduced a series of laws and regulations on fire safety, mainly related to the flame retardant and fireproof standards of various materials. With the further development of China's economy, people's awareness of fire safety will gradually increase. Fire safety requirements will drive material manufacturers and governments to provide products that meet fire safety standards. Second, industrial policy support: As a plastic modification additive, flame retardant is an industry encouraged by the state. Third, the domestic market has a greater potential for demand for flame retardants. Fourth, the advantages of China's phosphate resources are more conducive to the development of organic phosphorus flame retardant industry
On the contrary, there are still some disadvantages of flame retardant industry. First, the domestic flame retardant regulations are in the process of improvement, and the implementation efforts need to be further strengthened: the addition of flame retardants will bring about an increase in material costs, and it is difficult to directly bring economic benefits to material manufacturers, so the development of flame retardants The initial stage can only rely on the state to formulate relevant regulations and standards for mandatory requirements. Secondly, the downstream industry has not yet formed a flame retardant awareness that is in line with international standards: As the domestic flame retardant industry is still in its infancy, there is still a big gap between the public's understanding of fire safety and international advanced concepts.

The development of flame retardants has its advantages and disadvantages, and it is necessary to find a balance point in order to develop better.