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Advantages and disadvantages of various types of flame retar

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  • Release date:2018-11-19
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Aluminum hydroxide flame retardant (ATH)
1. Aluminum physicochemical properties 2, aluminum hydroxide flame retardant manufacturing method 3, aluminum hydroxide flame retardant application
Advantages: low price and good flame retardancy.
Disadvantages: poor heat resistance, dehydration starts at 200 ° C, completely dehydrated at 330 ° C to 350 ° C, and the curing of the resin is mostly in the dehydration temperature range of the aluminum hydroxide, thus causing foaming in the finished synthetic resin, the surface is uneven, and the dielectric is dielectric Performance is degraded and yield is low. Applied to high temperature, the silica gel is fogged, the product is blistering, and the dielectric property is lowered. EC≈60~100μS/cm, easy to absorb moisture.

Magnesium hydroxide flame retardant
Disadvantages: Not resistant to acid, acetic acid can dissolve magnesium hydroxide, only suitable for low-end products. Easy to absorb moisture, poor dielectric properties.

 High heat resistant boehmite flame retardant (Boehmite, ALOOH)
Advantages: 1% dehydration temperature is above 350 °C, dehydration at 500 °C reaches peak value, EC<50μS/cm, and dielectric property is strong, which solves the problem of product defects and dielectric properties caused by low dehydration temperature of aluminum hydroxide. Strong acidity and alkalinity.
Disadvantages: flame retardancy is slightly lower than aluminum hydroxide, achieving the same flame retardant properties

Molybdenum-containing flame retardant and smoke suppressant
The price is extremely high and cannot be accepted by general companies.

Organic flame retardant
Disadvantages of reactive bromine-containing flame retardants: Halogen-containing flame retardants have been banned in more and more countries due to their adverse effects on human health and the environment.