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Wood how to do fire-retardant treatment?

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  • Release date:2018-09-17
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The former brushing, spray method, immersion treatment, hot and cold trough method, double diffusion method; the latter also known as vacuum - pressure method, including the full cell method, the semi-cell method, frequency method, circulation method . Flame retardants are usually required to be evenly distributed inside the wood material. In order to improve the permeability and depth of penetration, researchers at home and abroad have proposed the following new methods of immersion treatment.
(1) CO2 supercritical fluid treatment of wood technology: This method can handle almost all species of wood without significant adverse effects on the treated wood. Demessie ES et al. Studied the effects of supercritical fluid treatment on the gas permeability of Douglas fir hearth by using carbon dioxide or a mixture thereof with formaldehyde. The permeation of the sample was improved. It had no relation with temperature, pressure and flux, Solubilization, part of the sample permeability may be due to dissolved extract re-precipitation.
(2) Wood laser scoring method: Laser scoring method does not destroy the wood tissue, and make the medicament easy to inject. Compared with the claw-like tool scoring method, the liquid immersed in the wood by the laser scoring method is increased by more than 50%.
(3) low-pressure steam explosion method: low-pressure steam explosion method can damage the blocked pits, improve intercellular permeability and improve the permeability, electron micrographs show that after the detritus pore pits selective damage.
(4) Compression pre-treatment technology: firstly, the wood is horizontally compressed, the periphery of the pits and the pits are selectively destroyed, and the tundish within the orifice conduits is also destroyed, thereby improving the permeability.
(5) hot water (steam) treatment: For softwood, hot water (steam) treatment can be removed covered in the pits of arabinose gel and other substances, open the closed pits to improve permeability; cooking The larger the treated strength, the greater the effect of improving the permeability. Electron micrographs show cracked pits [3] after cooking. Microwave heating of wood pretreatment, not only can improve the heating rate, and can improve the permeability of the agent.
(6) Oscillating pressure treatment method: In the wood pressure treatment at the same time, to impose shock method. Home shock treatment, pharmaceutical penetration and absorption significantly increased.
(7) For the use of enzymes, microorganisms, bacteria to improve the permeability of wood.
(8) Sonic and ultrasonic treatment: In the same time, it is also a research direction to improve the permeability of wood, while applying pressure to wood.
(9) Centrifugal rotation processing technology: impregnated wood in the centrifuge, centrifugal immersion at atmospheric pressure to increase the absorption of wood agents.