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The difference between general flame retardants and environm

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  • Release date:2018-09-17
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With the continuous development of the flame retardant industry, different types of different uses of flame retardants have emerged.
Currently, the secondary flame retardants are divided into inorganic, inorganic, halogen and halogen-free four major types. Inorganic flame retardant body
Department, brominated flame retardants in many ways have a certain disadvantage, but continue to cause environmental experts
Hot discussion. In the halogen-free flame retardant system, red phosphorus can be regarded as a good role, with less added, Good flame retardant effect, a wide range of applications and good environmental effects and so on.
What is the difference between environmental flame retardant and ordinary flame retardant? Environmental flame retardant does not mean that does not contain halogen
Similarly, halogen flame retardants are also environmentally friendly flame retardants. In fact, any kind of chemical to me
We all have advantages and disadvantages, and how to profit and avoid disadvantages is what we should do well, the key lies in the fans
Management and Correct Use of Letters While keeping our personnel and wealth free from the threat of fire, we also want to reduce
Low flame retardants to our human potential and environmental hazards