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How to avoid the harm of flame retardant to human beings

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  • Release date:2018-09-17
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Flame retardants are a type of chemical that interrupts combustion. They are used industrially and in their lives, and if not used properly, they are harmful to the human body. We must take measures to avoid any harm.
1, most of the cortex furniture added flame retardants, it is best to use pure natural materials of furniture.
2, the furniture has been damaged do not continue to use, because the fire retardant contained in the rupture will release a lot of harmful substances, almost several times under normal circumstances.
3, furniture must be regularly cleaned, do not accumulate dust for a long time.
4, indoor to maintain good ventilation, volatile release of the flame retardant beneficial.
Flame retardants are actually infiltrated into many details of life, we need to keep a mind for their own body safety.