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Wood flame retardant to meet the requirements

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  • Release date:2018-09-17
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The application of wood flame retardant is very common, as long as it is made of wood furniture, flooring, construction, etc. can be used in wood fire retardant. Play a good flame retardant, wood flame retardant at least to meet:
1.Does not belong to halogen flame retardants;
2.To meet the fire retardant requirements of the state;
3.Not toxic, but also in the use of pollution will not be on the environment;
4.The flame retardancy can be sustained for a long time will not be destroyed, the use of no fever, no decomposition, no hydrolysis;
5.Wood use of the flame retardant, its own physical and mechanical properties, process performance will not be disturbed;
6.Wood visual, tactile and other environmental characteristics are not affected;
7.Wood flame retardant when burning to very little;
8.The cost will not be high, can be large-scale use.
Wood fire retardant only meet these basic requirements, in order to allow enough wood processing molding flame retardant with excellent fire resistance.