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Characteristics and Application of Phosphorus Containing Fla

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  • Release date:2018-09-17
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Phosphorus-containing flame retardant is also known in the name of this flame retardant substances containing phosphorus, such flame retardants with aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide is more practical. However, due to the different organizational structure, the performance characteristics shown are also different.
For the general red phosphorus, easy to burn, easy to absorb moisture, and poor compatibility of the polymer material, if used as a flame retardant is not suitable, but only through a simple microcapsule coating can be safe and efficient use, Microcapsule red phosphorus stability, under high temperature and pressure will not occur structural damage, and burning in the film can be promptly decomposed to release flame retardants, to achieve flame retardant.
Flame retardant phosphorus coated red phosphorus content is higher, so compared to other phosphorus flame retardant flame retardant even stronger, even after the addition of some materials within the integration, even a small amount will be several times the flame retardant effect.
The rapid development of red phosphorus flame retardant technology to the development of whiteness red phosphorus is also at the forefront of whiteness up to 90%, 40% of phosphorus content, temperature up to 280 degrees. Red phosphorus flame retardants to overcome the application process of color limits, and resin to maintain good compatibility, non-redness, toxicity and so on. In many industries are very important flame retardant.