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Flame retardants are a type of chemical that interrupts comb

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In the industrial production of heat-conducting aluminum hydroxide, we have to filter the way to filter other substances, and the quality of the filter will determine the purity of aluminum hydroxide, it must be effective ways to improve the filtration efficiency.
1, the viscosity of the slurry: slurry viscosity has a greater impact on the filtration, the greater the viscosity of the slurry, the slower the speed through the filter medium, the more difficult filtration, and poor indicators of the cake. Increase the temperature of the slurry, reduce the slurry concentration can reduce the slurry viscosity, is conducive to filtration.
2, filtration pressure: the greater the filtration pressure, the stronger the filtration power, the faster the filtration rate. Therefore, effectively improve the vacuum filter vacuum or positive pressure filter pressure can greatly increase the productivity of the filter, but the filter pressure can not be too high, otherwise it will cause the filtrate float high, filter cloth life shortened.
3, filter media: filter properties have a significant impact on the filter, the general situation the larger the cloth filter cloth, the easier the filtrate to pass on the production capacity is better, but too large filter cloth can cause small solid particles easily wear Over into the filtrate. At the same time the use of filter cloth cycle is also a very important factor, the filter cloth is short, filter equipment operation rate is reduced, so the selection of filter cloth to be selected according to the actual situation.
4, the physical properties of solid materials: solid material properties of the particle size is the most important factor affecting the filtration performance, under normal circumstances, the more coarse particle size, filter cake as a filter medium pore size, the filtrate penetrate the easier, the better the separation and filtration performance; The fine particle size of solid materials easily clogged filter cloth hole, and as a filter medium pore size, resulting in decreased filtration rate.